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10 of the best: Charity digital resources


Want to up your charity’s digital game? The Eastside Primetimers selection of the top ten articles, videos, resources and tools will help you take your digital leadership to the next level.

1.      What is charity digital transformation?

Here’s a straightforward video from social enterprise Reason Digital about why charities need to learn to adapt with technology and how to avoid going the way of video rental company Blockbuster.

2.      Parkinson’s UK on charity digital transformation in their workforce

From Tech Trust comes a webinar with Carolyn Nutkins, director of organisational development at Parkinson’s UK, speaking about how the charity is working to make digital central to ‘everyone’s job’ to better support the 147,000 people affected by Parkinson’s.

3.      Why there is no digital revolution in charities

Frank blog from Joe Saxton at nfpSynergy, throwing down a gauntlet to charities about why much of the charity sector has been slow to respond to ‘the digital revolution’ and how it compares with other sectors.

4.      The New Reality

A wide-ranging research study about how digital technology will deliver the next step-change in social impact, based on interviews with over 50 senior leaders and digital experts from both inside and outside the non-profit sector. Check out the ’20 Ways to Achieve Digital Transformation’ poster for a quick, inspiring overview.

5.      Social media as a tool for charity leaders

A thoughtful and personal blog by Teenage Cancer Trust’s Kate Collins – recently awarded Social Media CEO of the Year – on how she uses her own social media output for the benefit of her charity.

6.      The Charity Digital Code of Practice

Interesting data from charity digital guru Zoe Amar on how well charities are getting to grips with the Charity Digital Code and what this means for the sector. You can access the code itself and its 7 principles here.

7.      CAST Digital Design Principles

Even more straightforward to use than the Digital Code of Practice (though perhaps still best used in conjunction), are not-for-profit digital specialists CAST’s 10 principles, ranging from “start with user needs” for best practice to “be open”, in order to enable effective collaboration and knowledge-sharing.

8.      Digital questions for trustees

Guidance from the Charity Commission to make sure that digital and all of its organisational implications are understood even by trustee boards, and is integrated into charity governance processes for quicker decision-making where possible.

9.      Day-to-day tools for social enterprises (and charities)

Consultant Kat Luckock outlines digital tools she found helped save her time when she was starting up a busy social enterprise, covering communication and coordination in your team, easier sharing of documents, social media and web management and quick graphic design.

10.  Tech Trust Exchange

Tech Trust, a charity with a mission to help other charities achieve good with IT, runs an online exchange that some companies use to give free or vastly reduced software to charities. Google, for example, allow charities to use its full G-Suite for free and others give a big discount on licensing.


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