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Working exclusively on behalf of not-for-profits, we provide professional support for CEOs and Boards who are seeking to transform their organisations to be fit for the future.

Welcome to Strategy 101

Welcome to Strategy 101


EP Insights is our new management briefing for social sector leaders offering thought-provoking, senior-level knowledge.

Welcome to EP Insights, our new management briefing for social sector leaders. Our aim is to offer a thought-provoking selection of senior-level knowledge and practical advice that CEOs, managers and trustees can make use of to perform their roles more effectively. 

We have chosen ‘Strategy 101’ as the theme for this first edition because there is surprisingly little written specifically for social purpose organisations, and we want to change that.

In this edition, we aim to debunk some myths, bring current thinking on strategy up-to-date and make what can seem an impenetrable subject accessible for everybody. We share some of the best things we’ve ever read on strategy from across industries and we also showcase examples of how some charities have transformed their organisations (and even causes) by developing winning strategies.

There are two things to point out first.

First, here at Eastside Primetimers, we take a pragmatic view of definitions of strategy: we believe that it can be boiled down to identifying how your organisation can ‘win’ in an environment of high need and scarce resources. This encompasses what winning means for you, what it will take to compete, what people and resources will you need, and what activities will you do (and not do). (I use ‘win’ here as opposed to ‘change’ or impact because it gives strategy a hard nose, which I think is helpful to focus charities’ thinking.)

Second, we are adamant that great strategies are no good sitting on a shelf or in someone’s head. They are much more than documents, they are living things which need to be relentlessly communicated and implemented.

Our challenge with this edition has been deciding what to leave out in the interests of brevity. We hope you like it!

10 of the best

10 of the best